What We Do

H2OTech is the 501(c)(3) non-profit, water industry cluster for the South East United States & Puerto Rico.   This cluster of global leaders drive the implementation of water innovation. Based on the campus of Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, our business model involves a joint venture between academic, public, and the private sector. Each of our partners brings together strategic resources and expertise, connecting water management agencies, technology companies, and policy makers in order to spur economic growth in the water sector.  We are committed to helping solve water resource challenges and strive to make an impact on the global water challenges by helping to broaden and accelerate innovation to market.

Where innovation meets commercialization



 We accelerate innovation in water technology, finance, policy and collaboration so society has the tools needed to address evolving challenges.



Equipping both the current and next generation of water professionals with the tools, knowledge and connections to address current and future water challenges.


Government & Non-Profit

Connecting leaders across physical and social boundaries so we can drive water policy efficiently to ensure access to a sustainable supply of clean drinking water and smart management of water resources.  

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